NHS Funding

NHS Funded Nursing Care

NHS Funded Nursing Care is paid by the NHS directly to nursing homes to fund the care provided by their Registered Nurses. This includes planning, supervising and monitoring nursing and healthcare tasks, as well as direct nursing care.

Residents of Willow Park Lodge are eligible for this funding on the basis that they “live in a care home registered to provide nursing care” (click here for details), subject to them having been assessed as needing care from registered nurses.

Residents usually receive confirmation of NHS Funded Nursing Care by the following letter:

This letter confirms that NHS Funded Nursing Care should be reflected in the care home fee actually charged to the resident. Our advertised fees therefore already exclude NHS Funded Nursing Care and so the amount which a resident pays to the home is unaffected by whether the NHS grants it in his/her particular case.

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

NHS Continuing Healthcare is care that is arranged and funded by the NHS for individuals who are not in hospital, but who have complex on-going healthcare needs. To be eligible, residents must have substantial on-going care needs where the primary need for care relates to their health.  Unfortunately, people with a long-term illness or condition aren’t necessarily eligible.

Unlike social and community care services provided by Kent County Council, NHS Continuing Healthcare is not means tested and so a resident’s income and savings are not taken into account.

For eligible residents, the NHS will pay both board and accommodation. These can be provided together in a combined package in Willow Park Lodge under its nursing home registration.

Our terms and conditions for residents with NHS Continuing Healthcare funding are contained in the following Residents’ Handbook, which we have endeavoured to make as clear and easy to read as we can. The Nursing Home Agreement confirming acceptance of these terms and conditions needs to be signed before any placement commences. If an existing resident has a Tenancy Agreement, this must be surrendered in writing before entering into the Nursing Home Agreement. Personal expenses (e.g. hairdressing, chiropody, etc.) need to be paid using the following Direct Debit Mandate.

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